Scope of Work


The Information Standards Board’s (ISB) role is to provide the governance of standardisation, i.e. publishing consensual documents.

The ISB will contribute by:

  • Providing a “one stop shop” for knowledge about information standards and standard solutions in education, skills and children’s service (escs).
  • Providing strategic direction to help system wide interoperability, overcome existing rigidities and gaps in data and information use and avoid future rigidities and barriers to creating a citizen- and learner-focused system.
  • Working collaboratively with partners to improve synergy, share and reduce costs, and eliminate overlaps and duplication whilst helping ensure developments are shared more effectively, lessons learned and interdependencies addressed across major operational implementations.
  • Providing online collaborative tools to enable partners to work together on standards.
  • Developing a definitive set of system-wide standards approved by partners across the system.
  • Successfully engaging with UK, European and international standards bodies.

The ISB may also in the future provide services to assure the compliance of products and services with approved information standards. The ISB may extend the scope of standards it governs in response to demands from the system, strategic developments and needs of the business.

The ISB will not:

  • Specify standards
  • Undertake trials of standards
  • Develop standards
  • Support and maintain standards

NOTE: It is currently envisaged that the ISB will not be responsible for:

  • Information and data standards relating to organisations’ internal management and administration, for example HR/workforce and financial management.
  • Standards relating to management, process and systems development other than in relation to information management.