Standards Adoption

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The core business of the Information Standards Board (ISB), supported by the Technical Support Service (TSS), is to successfully embed standards within the education, skills and children’s services (escs) system in England. The ISB will not develop standards, but consider and approve new and existing standards to be adopted across the System.

Standards Adoption

A rigorous Standard Adoption Lifecycle has been developed for the identification, review and approval of standards or sets of standards.

Assisting the TSS with the Standard Adoption Lifecycle are Standard Champions, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Standard Working Groups (SWGs) and Systems Adoption Panels (SAPs) who will interact at various stages of the process.

The Standard Adoption Lifecycle will ensure that standards which are approved by the ISB are capable of delivering the target benefits.

Standards Pipeline

At any given time there will be a number of standards that have been ‘identified’ as having potential benefit or are currently in ‘review’ by the ISB. The Pipeline Section provides the full list of standards being considered.

Standards Partners

The ISB places great importance on working with ‘standards partners’ and is establishing effective working relationships with analogous bodies in other sectors including Local e-Government Standards Board (LeGSB), the NHS Health and Social Care Information Standards Board (NHS HaSC ISB) and the British Standards Institution (BSI).