Timescales and Milestones

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Every standard or group of standards passing through the Standard Adoption Lifecycle will have specific timescale and a set of milestones.

Once a standard(s) has been identified and enters the Standard Adoption Lifecycle, a number of factors will influence its progress through the process, including the standards type, its prioritisation and its state of maturity.

  • New Standards are standards which are emerging from within the education, skills and children’s services (escs) System and have been identified as having business benefit by being recognised by the ISB. These standards will pass through every stage of the Standards Adoption Lifecycle and can take up to 12 months for approval.
  • Standard for Review –are standards that have already been adopted in the escs system and flagged up for formal ISB review. As these standards are well developed, they will be Fast Tracked through the process and only pass through selected points of the Lifecycle. These standards may only take 3 months for approval.

Standard(s) which have been formally approved by the ISB will have a review date scheduled every 3-4 years, to ensure that the standard(s) continues to be relevant and of benefit to the business.