What we do


The Information Standards Board will work closely with business teams in the BIS and DfE and partner organisations that specify, develop, use and maintain standards:

  • Ensuring that the right standards are available at the right time by setting strategic priorities and facilitating their development
  • Avoiding duplication by co-ordinating the development and use of standards around the system
  • Providing quality assurance
  • Formally approving standards for use within the system
  • Publishing and disseminating standards
  • Ensuring that changes to standards are controlled
  • Formally recognising the standards approval role of other bodies, such as BSI, where appropriate
  • Co-ordinating standards across the nations of the UK
  • Tracking and influencing standards work undertaken by the BSI, and in Europe and internationally

By reducing bureaucracy and creating more joined up services, the ISB will produce real benefits for learners, and financial savings for developers, as well as time savings for users. These savings should ensure that more resources are available in the front line for children and learners.