High Level:

The Information Standards Board (ISB) aims to establish itself as the authority for system-wide information and data standards for the education, skills and children’s services (escs) system in England.

The ISB will play a pivotal role in ensuring that there is an agreed approach across the system so that essential information and data can be shared more effectively between organisations, where learners are placed at the centre of service provision and information is gathered once used many times.

Key Objectives:

The aims of the ISB are to:

  • Develop information standards to help front line delivery
  • Promote the personalisation of learning and children’s services
  • Improve the use of information to aid learner progression and transition
  • Facilitate sharing of information between agencies, system-wide
  • Ensure greater efficiency and better outcomes for children and learners
  • Ensure the bureaucratic impact on the front line is minimised

The ISB is intended to:

  • Be the system-wide authority for all information and data standards including but not limited to standards for: information presentation, operational and management information, learning platforms and e-portfolios, teaching and learning content, technical interoperability and accessibility (for disabilities etc)
  • Be visible, participative, open and authoritative in its decision making.
  • Provide an approvals process which is effective and efficient, rather than burdensome
  • Be able to engage effectively to support the development of system standards and the development process, where necessary
  • Demonstrate clear progress towards the development of standards that support the information strategy
  • Work with the businesses to ensure the needs of ICT-enabled policy programmes are met
  • Communicate developments in the system, with suppliers and developers, and across Government and internationally

Please see the Business Plan 2008 - 2009