Learner Records Data Standards

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Title: Learner Records Data Standards

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ISB STATUS =  FUTURE.   This is a ‘placeholder’ for the broad subject area of Learner Records.


Although the full scope of this work is yet to be defined the Portfolios, Learning Opportunities and Transcripts SIG has already prioritised the convergence of a single electronic standard for communicating transcripts of learner achievement. The intention is that this will fulfil the requirements of the MIAP Learner Record, the Burgess HEAR and the CEN work on electronic documents for the Bologna process. The MIAP Programme is working with the QCA and others to develop a national Learner Record. The Learner Record will be an aggregation of records about an individual’s learning that has already been collected by UK education bodies. The JISC has been tasked by the Burgess Implementation Steering Group with addressing electronic issues required to support the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), and have engaged the support of JISC-CETIS. Work on a data specification for the HEAR is informed by a New Work Item on Learner Mobility progressing through CEN TC353 to develop electronic documents to support the Bologna Process. ADD, Portfolios, SIF and Awarding Body standards will or may overlap this work.


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