ESCS Theasurus


Title: ESCS Theasurus

Standards Profile

The Education, Skills and Children's Services Thesaurus is the controlled vocabulary developed and maintained by the Department for Education (DfE).  www.education.gov.uk

System Wide Standard

For indexing:
DfE’s website;
DfE’s documents and records management (via SharePoint);
DfE’s Library materials.

Any other material in the Education, Skills and Children’s Services system, as required.

The ESCS Thesaurus complies with International Standard (ISO) 2788 – “Guidelines for the establishment and development of monolingual thesauri” and BS 8723, “Structured vocabularies for information retrieval”.

It is updated every 6 months with amendments and additions reviewed via an Editorial panel.

It was developed in the 1980s and has been continuously updated to reflect new topics and new Departmental responsibilities.

Online version updated every 6 months and amendments and additions reviewed via an Editorial panel.

Used within the Department for Education on internal systems, and is available on the Internet for use wherever applicable.

E-Learning Content;Information Exploitation & Access;Interoperability;Metadata;Vocabularies


Controlled Vocabulary

Government (x-GEA)

Communications Management;Communications Specialist;Content Owner / Developer;Contractors;Delivery Staff;Developer;Information Specialist;IT Purchaser;Manager;Policy Maker;Project Manager;Researcher;Solution Owner;SROs;Supplier;Teacher;Tech Architect;Vendor

Crown Copyright

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Standards Links

Available to search: http://multites.telcom.net/dfes/

User guidance re the ESCS Thesaurus is available as a Word document linked from the home page of the ESCS Thesaurus web page.