Content Packaging Application Profile for ESCS

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Title: Content Packaging Application Profile for ESCS

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ISB STATUS =  UNDER REVIEW.   Content packaging profile for ESCS.

Under Review

Content packaging specifications exist to allow digital learning resources to be delivered in a consistent way within learning platforms. The existing content packaging specifications can be interpreted in a number of ways and as a consequence of this it is common that content developed according to a specification may not work in different learning platforms due to differences in the interpretation.

It is apparent that there is an increasingly urgent need for educational content and learning platform services providers to agree upon interoperability specifications.  There has already been much investment in the investigation and development of technical standards and it is in the interests of all stakeholders to reach agreement on this so that focus can be shifted more towards investment in innovation in improved content quality to meet the needs of users. An agreed UK content packaging profile will improve the availability of digital content to learners, reduce production costs and improve the quality of content.

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