Common Child - Learner Identifier

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Title: Common Child - Learner Identifier

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ISB STATUS =  UNDER REVIEW.  Common identifier for children and learners    

Under Review

Use of a Common Identifier across all of ESCS will allow for accurate merging of records to support personalisation of learning and learning advice and information sharing across children’s services to improve outcomes for children. Scope is likely to include the approval of the ULN as the direction of travel followed by the approval of the ULN as the common child/learner identifier for ESCS. N.B. This is subject to completion of policy consultation.

The intention is that the ISB will approve the status of ADOPTED for this standard. The ISB & TSS are working closely with the DCSF team responsible for developing a common identifier for children and learners as part of a wider strategy to manage identity and personal information efficiently and effectively across ESCS. As a minimum the ISB is planning to support the direction of travel in this area which is aiming to expand the scope of the existing ULN and the MIAP registration services. Clarification will bring more certainty to the ESCS businesses and suppliers.

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