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Welcome to the Information Standards Board web site

The Information Standards Board (ISB) for education, skills and children’s services (escs) will be the overarching authority and governing body for the management and assurance of information and data standards across the escs system.

Approved ISB information standards will ensure that information is stored in common, consistent formats which will aid front line delivery, reduce bureaucracy and enable a more joined up service.

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Special Feature

Launch of the ISB Web Site

The ISB web site has been established to provide the ISB with an online presence and act as the one-stop-shop through which all ISB services are accessed.

The launch of the ISB web site is a significant step in helping establish the ISB as the pre-eminent authority on information and data standards by providing a communications channel through which the work of the ISB can be delivered.

Information Standards Board Members Appointed

Board members, drawn from across the education, skills and children’s services sector, have been appointed to sit on the “executive Board” of the ISB. These appointments underline the commitment to establishing effective and efficient governance to provide stability in the development, adoption and maintenance of information standards.

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